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Configuration Parameter File Reference
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This value will set the desired size of the wij.
[config]    default value=0
When this is set the WIJ will expand so that the space is reserved for the WIJ.
Target size for the wij (MB) (0=not set) > 55
Range of Values
The default value is 0. It can be set to however large the WIJ should be in MB. The value is an integer, but fractional input is accepted and silently truncated (for example, 35.5 becomes 35).
Management Portal
On the Advanced Memory Setting page (System Administration > Configuration > Additional Settings > Advanced Memory, click the Edit link in the targwijsz row. The Edit targwijsz page provides details about the setting and allows you to change its value.
Alternatively, on the Journal Settings page (System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > Journal Settings), enter the desired value at the Target size for the wij (MB) (0=not set) prompt.
Setting this target size ensures that disk space is allocated for the WIJ early in the start-up process. If sufficient space is not allocated early and there is not enough available space for the WIJ, the system may encounter problems. Allocating space for WIJ is an advanced configuration setting. If you encounter issues with this, contact the InterSystems Worldwide Resource Center.

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