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Connecting Systems with Interoperability Productions

InterSystems IRIS® data platform provides powerful, flexible interoperation and integration technology so you can connect people, processes, applications, and systems. Intelligent interoperability enables you to eliminate data silos, integrate and orchestrate legacy and new services, normalize and transform data, design and implement business processes and rules, and optimize governance and forensics.

In many cases, you can build your production using built-in components and data wizards that support formats such as XML, X12, EDIFACT, and delimited or fixed-column records. You can also use built-in components to support communication protocols such as HTTP, REST, SOAP, FTP, and files. You can interoperate with an LDAP server, via EnsLib.LDAP.Adapter.OutboundOpens in a new tab. If you need to deal with custom formats, you can develop production components in ObjectScript, Java, and .NET languages. InterSystems IRIS for Health™Opens in a new tab and HealthShare® HealthConnectOpens in a new tab support additional healthcare data formats.

Interoperability Production Documentation

You can also learn about interoperability productions with extensive online learning content:


If you are looking to interoperate between different programming languages, see External Language Development.

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