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Introduction to Cloud Storage Adapters

InterSystems IRIS® makes it easy to retrieve, store, and delete data from a cloud storage provider like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure Blob Storage (Azure) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). When using an InterSystems product to access cloud storage, you have two options: use an interoperability production or call low-level APIs.

Interoperability productions are designed to connect external systems, and you can use one to access cloud storage. If you want to bring data from cloud storage into your production, create a business service that uses the inbound adapter. Creating a business operation that uses the outbound adapter allows you to delete or upload data in the cloud.

Low-level APIs allow your code to access cloud storage without using the production framework. They give you programmatic access to cloud storage providers using simple calls within your code.

In AWS, data is stored as objects. However, other cloud storage providers use the term blob to refer to the same concept. Within InterSystems IRIS, data in cloud storage is referred to as a blob.

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