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Storage Keywords

This reference describes the keywords that apply to the storage section of a class definition.

See Storage Definitions for links to general information on defining storage.

See the Table of Contents for a complete list of structures and keywords that apply to specific class members.


This reference does not formally introduce the syntax of storage definitions. For an introduction to storage definitions, see Storage. Also see Storage Definitions and Storage Classes.

  • DataLocation – Specifies where data is stored for this class.
  • DefaultData – Specifies the default data storage definition.
  • Final – Specifies that the storage definition cannot be modified by subclasses.
  • IdFunction – Specifies the system function to be used to assign new ID values for a persistent class using default storage.
  • IdLocation – Specifies location of the ID counter.
  • IndexLocation – Specifies the default storage location for indexes.
  • SqlRowIdName – Specifies the name used for the row ID within SQL.
  • SqlRowIdProperty – Specifies the SQL RowId property.
  • SqlTableNumber – Specifies the internal SQL table number.
  • State – Specifies the data definition used for a serial object.
  • StreamLocation – Specifies the default storage location for stream properties.
  • Type – Storage class used to provide persistence.
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