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The [Miscellaneous] parameters have been retained for compatibility, and all except for ShutDownLogErrors should not be used when building new applications.

This topic describes the Compatibility Settings parameters found in the [Miscellaneous] section of the CPF.

  • AsyncDisconnectErr – Allow processes to receive disconnect errors asynchronously.
  • AsynchError – Allow processes to receive asynchronous errors.
  • BreakMode – Specify programmer mode response to the BREAK command.
  • CollectResourceStats – Allow InterSystems IRIS® data platform to collect instance resource statistics.
  • DisconnectErr – Specify how processes respond to a disconnect.
  • FileMode – Allow writing to a non-existent file.
  • GlobalKillEnabled – Allow KILL of an unsubscripted global.
  • IEEEError – Specify whether $DOUBLE returns INF and NAN values instance-wide.
  • LicenseAltHeaders – Use an alternative set of HTTP headers for client addresses.
  • LineRecall – Allow command line recall for READ commands.
  • ListFormat – Specify the compression format for values in a list.
  • LogRollback – Allow logging for transaction rollbacks.
  • MVDefined – Not in use.
  • NodeNameInPid – Specify behavior when InterSystems IRIS® data platform references the special variable $JOB.
  • NullSubscripts – Allow null subscripts on global references.
  • OldZU5 – Specify whether to clear global vectors when switching namespace.
  • OpenMode – Specify read/write mode to use when opening sequential files.
  • PopError – Specify when to pop error handlers off the stack.
  • RefInKind – Specify how $NAME and $QUERY handle extended global references.
  • ScientificNotation – Allow lowercase e as scientific notation symbol instance-wide.
  • SetZEOF – Specify the behavior when reading a sequential file and encountering an unexpected end-of-file error.
  • ShutDownLogErrors – Allow writing of InterSystems IRIS® data platform system error log entries to the messages.log file on shutdown.
  • StopID – Not in use.
  • SwitchOSdir – Disallow switching current working directories when changing namespaces.
  • SynchCommit – Disable synchronizing TCOMMIT with the corresponding journal write operation.
  • TelnetNUL – Suppress Telnet NUL at end-of-line for Telnet transmission. Windows systems only.
  • TruncateOverflow – Suppress the <MAXNUMBER> error on numeric overflow.
  • Undefined – Specify the response when ObjectScript attempts to fetch a variable that does not exist.
  • UseNagleAlgorithm – Allow InterSystems IRIS® data platform to use the Nagle algorithm for Telnet.
  • ViewPastData – Allow $VIEW to examine data outside of InterSystems IRIS® data platform memory area.
  • ZDateNull – Specify the $ZDATE response to an invalid value.
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