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Diagnostics for InterSystems Business Intelligence

DeepSeeButtons is a tool used to generate diagnostic reports about your Business Intelligence environment. You can use this tool while implementing Business Intelligence or later.

The HTML-formatted report provides information on the following aspects of your system:

  • Setup parameters

  • Server details

  • A list of cubes and their properties

  • For each cube, a list of dimensions and their properties

  • For each cube, a list of other elements such as pivot variables, named sets, and listing fields

  • Business Intelligence Logs

  • The content of the iris.cpf file

  • The content of the messages.log file

In order to generate this report, you may launch the DeepSeeButtons tool from the terminal by ensuring you are in the %SYS namespace and execute the following code:

Do ^DeepSeeButtons

Follow the subsequent prompts to generate the report. InterSystems recommends that you view the generated HTML in Chrome or Firefox.

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