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Overview of Third Party Software

See the Table of Contents for a detailed listing of the subjects covered in this document.

InterSystems provides native implementations of the following third-party drivers and interfaces:

The InterSystems JDBC Driver

The InterSystems JDBC Driver is a fully compliant type 4 implementation of the JDBC standard.

See JDBC Driver Support for detailed information on JDBC driver compliance and enhancements, including the level of support for all optional features and a list of all InterSystems IRIS-specific additional features.

Also see the following related documentation:

The InterSystems Python DB-API Driver

The Python DB-API driver is a fully compliant implementation of the PEP 249 Python Database API specification v2.0.

See Python DB-API Support for details.

The InterSystems Hibernate Dialect

The InterSystems Hibernate Dialect is an implementation of the Hibernate dialect interface. Since every vendor’s implementation of SQL is slightly different, the Hibernate dialect interface allows vendors to create custom Hibernate mappings for a specific database.

See Hibernate Support for details.

The InterSystems Spark Connector [deprecated]

The InterSystems Spark Connector is an implementation of the Data Source API for Apache Spark. It provides JDBC connections with extensions that allow the Spark data processing engine to make optimal use of InterSystems IRIS and its distributed data capabilities.

See Apache Spark Support for details.

Also see the following related documentation:

The Spark Connector is deprecated

Due to continued improvements in both Apache Spark and the InterSystems JDBC driver, the InterSystems Spark Connector no longer provides significant advantages over the standard Spark JDBC connector. The Spark Connector is deprecated, and will be discontinued in an upcoming 2022 release.

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