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The “From” list of characters for Identifier Translation.
[SQL]    IdTrxFrom=n
The value n is a string of characters that provides the “From” list for Identifier Translation mappings. The maximum length of the string is 256 characters. The default string is:
~ `@#$%^&*()_+-=[]\{}|;':"",./<>?".
These mappings filter/modify valid SQL identifier characters when translating SQL identifiers into Objects identifiers. When converting an SQL identifier to an Objects identifier at runtime, the characters in the “From” string are converted to the characters in the “To” string. Also see IdTrxTo.
IdTrxFrom=~ `@#$%^&*()_+-=[]\{}|;':",./<>?
Range of Values
As described above.
Management Portal
On the page System Administration > Configuration > SQL and Object Settings > General SQL Settings, in the Identifier translation - From field, enter a string of characters.

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