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(Windows) Enable/disable DNS lookup of the Telnet client address.
[Telnet]    DNSLookup=n
This setting enables or disables DNS lookup of the client address in the telnet daemon before passing the address to the InterSystems IRIS process that was created to service the connection. This determines the format of the client address returned by $IO and $ZIO in the InterSystems IRIS process.
The value n may be ON or OFF:
DNS lookup should be disabled if a DNS server is not available to do the lookup, because a long delay will occur during login if the DNS server is not available.
InterSystems IRIS Telnet settings apply only to Windows configurations in which InterSystems supplies the Telnet servers. This parameter is ignored for UNIX® systems.
Range of Values
ON or OFF. The default is ON.
Management Portal
On the page System Administration > Configuration > Device Settings > Telnet Settings, select the Telnet category, In the DNSLookup row, select Edit. Choose ON or OFF.

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