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Class Definition Reference
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Specifies whether that this is a computed property.
To specify that this property is computed, use the following syntax:
Property name As classname [ SqlComputeCode = sqlcomputecode, SqlComputed ];
Where sqlcomputecode is described in SqlComputeCode.
Otherwise, omit this keyword or place the word Not immediately before the keyword.
If this keyword is true (and if the property also specifies SqlComputeCode), then this property is a computed property. For options and other details, see “Defining a Computed Property” in Defining and Using Classes.
If a property has a value for the SqlComputed keyword, InterSystems IRIS uses that value to compute the property. Specifically, a new class method, <property>Compute, is generated from SqlComputeCode. This method is called from the property’s <property>Get method. If the property also has SqlComputeOnChange keyword specified, then the <property>Compute method is called at the specified times.
This functionality is implemented in the <property>Get and <property>Set methods. If you override either of those methods, then property computations do not work unless there are provisions in the overridden method implementations to trigger computations.
If you omit this keyword, this property is not computed.
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