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Class Definition Reference
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Overrides the default name of the projected SQL stored procedure. Applies only if this method is projected as an SQL stored procedure.
To override the default name used when the method is projected as an SQL stored procedure, use the following syntax:
ClassMethod name(formal_spec) As returnclass [ SqlProc, SqlName = sqlname ] 
{    //implementation }
Where sqlname is an SQL identifier.
If this method is projected as an SQL stored procedure, then this name is used as the name of the stored procedure.
If you omit this keyword, InterSystems IRIS determines the SQL name as follows:
This default uses uppercase letters. You can use any case when you invoke the stored procedure, however, because SQL is case-insensitive.
Thus, in the following example, the default SQL name value is TEST1_PROC1. This default value is specified in the SELECT statement:
Class User.Test1 Extends %Persistent
ClassMethod Proc1(BO,SUM) As %INTEGER [ SqlProc ]
   ///definition not shown

Query Q1(KD As %String,P1 As %String,P2 As %String) As %SqlQuery
  FROM SQLUser.Test1
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