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Class Definition Reference
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Adds property parameters to this class.
To add property parameters to this class, use the following syntax:
Class PropClass.MyClass Extends %RegisteredObject [ PropertyClass = PropClass.MyPropertyClass ] { //class members }
Where propertyclasslist is one of the following:
If you need to add custom property parameters, do the following:
  1. Define and compile a class that defines one or more class parameters. For example:
    Class PropClass.MyPropertyClass
    Parameter MYPARM As %String = "XYZ";
    These class parameters become property parameters in the next step.
  2. In the class that defines the properties, specify the PropertyClass keyword.
Effect on Subclasses
Subclasses inherit the custom behavior added by this keyword. If the subclass specifies a value for the keyword, that value specifies an additional class or classes that specify parameters for properties of this class.
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