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class EnsLib.LDAP.Adapter.Outbound extends Ens.OutboundAdapter, EnsLib.LDAP.Adapter.Common

Ensemble LDAP Outbound Adapter that replaces deprecated EnsLib.LDAP.OutboundAdapter

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parameter SETTINGS = LDAPServer:Basic,Credentials:Basic:credentialsSelector,LDAPPort:Basic,LDAPSSLPort:Basic,UseSSL:Basic,UseSASLAuthentication:SASL,SASLPublicKeyFile:SASL,SASLPrivateKeyFile:SASL,BaseDN:LDAP,SearchTimeout:LDAP,SearchSizeLimit:LDAP,WindowsActiveDirectoryServer:LDAP,CredentialsUsernameIsDN:LDAP,LDAPCACertFile:LDAP,StayConnected:Connection,IdleReconnectInterval:Connection;
Inherited description: List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


property IdleReconnectInterval as %Numeric (MINVAL = 0) [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
How long of an idle period in seconds before disconnecting and reconnecting.
If StayConnected is 0 or positive then this value is ignored if it is less than StayConnected value.
This setting is intended to be used where the server has a configured user idle time or network appliances close inactive connections.
An IdleReconnectInterval of 0 means no checking of idle period for reconnection.
Property methods: IdleReconnectIntervalDisplayToLogical(), IdleReconnectIntervalGet(), IdleReconnectIntervalIsValid(), IdleReconnectIntervalLogicalToDisplay(), IdleReconnectIntervalNormalize(), IdleReconnectIntervalSet()
property StayConnected as %Numeric (MINVAL = -1) [ InitialExpression = -1 ];
Stay connected to the remote system between handling Requests until idle for this number of seconds.
A value of -1 means maintain a connection. This is the default setting.
Reconnection during the Stay Connection period is based on the IdleReconnectInterval
Property methods: StayConnectedDisplayToLogical(), StayConnectedGet(), StayConnectedIsValid(), StayConnectedLogicalToDisplay(), StayConnectedNormalize(), StayConnectedSet()


method OnInit() as %Status
Adapter code
method OnKeepalive(pUnused As %Status) as %Status
Inherited description: This method is called from the Host.OnTask() method. It will be called within KeepaliveInterval of the last return from OnTask() or OnKeepalive().

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