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Work with files programmatically (read, write, copy, rename, and so on).
ObjectScript provides commands for working with files and other devices.
Available Tools
In addition, InterSystems provides the following tools:
%File class
Represents disk files and provides utility methods for working with files, directories, and drives. This class includes instance methods like the following:
And it also contains class methods like the following:
Note that this class is a fairly simple wrapper around the ObjectScript file commands. For simply reading or writing to a file, it is suggested that you use the file stream classes. These open the file using the correct mode automatically in order to read or write to the file and thus are simpler to use.
Availability: All namespaces.
file adapters
Enable a production to read and write files. See Using File Adapters in Productions.
These adapters are included automatically in many specialized business host classes.
Availability: All interoperability-enabled namespaces.
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