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Evaluates a scalar MDX expression and returns either its value or an alternative value (if the value of the expression is null). This function is an InterSystems extension to MDX.
Returned Type
This function returns an expression of the same type that you use with the function.
Syntax and Details
The following shows a simple example:
SELECT ISNULL(MEASURES.[%COUNT],"None") ON 0, birthd.decade.MEMBERS ON 1 FROM patients where diagd.chd
 1 1910s                               None
 2 1920s                                  1
 3 1930s                                 12
 4 1940s                                  3
 5 1950s                                 10
 6 1960s                                  3
 7 1970s                               None
 8 1980s                                  1
 9 1990s                               None
10 2000s                               None
11 2010s                               None
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