InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2019.2

Using the Analyzer
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Preface : 
Chapter 1: 
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Accessing the Analyzer
1.3 Orientation to the Analyzer and Mini Analyzer
1.4 Displaying a Pivot Table
1.5 Exiting the Analyzer or Mini Analyzer
1.6 Location of Pivot Table Definitions
1.7 Accessing the Samples Shown in This Book
Chapter 2: 
2.1 Introduction to the Autosave Feature
2.2 Selecting a Subject Area
2.3 Getting Familiar with a Subject Area
       2.3.1 Measures
       2.3.2 Dimensions
       2.3.3 Pivot Variables
       2.3.4 Plug-ins
       2.3.5 Named Sets
       2.3.6 Named Filters
       2.3.7 Calculated Members
       2.3.8 Pivot Tables
       2.3.9 Quality Measures
       2.3.10 Detail Listings
2.4 Creating a Pivot Table
2.5 Specifying the Rows in a Pivot Table
2.6 Specifying the Columns in a Pivot Table
2.7 Displaying Measures in a Pivot Table
2.8 Displaying Properties in a Pivot Table
2.9 Transposing a Pivot Table
2.10 Changing the Order of Items
2.11 Copying and Pasting Items
2.12 Adding a Summary Row or Column
2.13 Applying 80/20 Suppression
2.14 Clearing the Autosave State of a Pivot Table
2.15 Saving a Pivot Table
Chapter 3: 
3.1 About Filters
3.2 Dragging and Dropping Filter Items
3.3 Creating and Using a Drop-Down Menu
3.4 Adding Advanced Filters
3.5 Filtering the Base Records by Measure Value
3.6 Defining Named Filters
3.7 Redefining a Named Filter
3.8 Deleting a Pivot Variable
3.9 Using Named Filters
3.10 Disabling or Removing Filters
3.11 How Business Intelligence Combines Filters
3.12 Finding the Key for a Member
Chapter 4: 
4.1 Overview
4.2 Defining a Calculated Measure
       4.2.1 Measure Expressions
       4.2.2 Solve Order
4.3 Defining a Calculated Member That Is Not a Measure
4.4 Redefining a Calculated Member
4.5 Deleting a Calculated Member
Chapter 5: 
5.1 Overview
5.2 Defining a Pivot Variable
5.3 Defining and Using an Expression Pivot Variable
5.4 Literal Pivot Variables
5.5 Redefining a Pivot Variable
5.6 Deleting a Pivot Variable
Chapter 6: 
6.1 Specifying Pivot Options
6.2 Customizing Pivot Table Items
6.3 Displaying a Constant Row or Column
6.4 Specifying a Spacer Row or Column
6.5 Displaying an Different Set for Rows or Columns
6.6 Specifying New Captions
6.7 Specifying a Format String
       6.7.1 Format String Field
       6.7.2 Color Piece
6.8 Specifying Cell and Header Styles
6.9 Sorting and Filtering Members
6.10 Specifying Alternative Aggregation Methods for a Measure
6.11 Customizing Double-Click Drilldown
6.12 Applying Conditional Formatting
6.13 Specifying the Print Settings
6.14 Specifying the MDX Query Manually
Chapter 7: 
7.1 Opening a Saved Pivot Table
7.2 Disabling and Enabling Auto-Execution
7.3 Canceling a Running Query
7.4 Exporting Data to Microsoft Excel
7.5 Printing a Pivot Table
7.6 Sending Email
7.7 Displaying the Pivot Table as a Chart
7.8 Deleting a Pivot Table
Chapter 8: 
8.1 Displaying a Detail Listing
8.2 Drilldown via Double-Click
8.3 Performing Arbitrary Drilldown
8.4 Introduction to the Pivot Analysis Window
Appendix A: 
A.1 Using the Built-in PDF Rendering Engine
A.2 Using Other Rendering Engines

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