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Web Services Quick Start Tutorial
Overview: SOAP Faults
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The SOAP specification provides the Fault element as a standard mechanism for returning error messages from Web Service producers. The element contains useful information about the particular error that caused it. With InterSystems IRIS you use %SOAP.Fault objects to work with Web Service errors. InterSystems IRIS Web Service producers automatically convert these objects to standard SOAP Fault elements before returning them to clients. InterSystems IRIS Web Service consumers automatically convert SOAP Fault elements received from producers into %SOAP.Fault objects.
%SOAP.Fault contains the following properties:
Property Description
Contains information about the cause of the fault.
Contains the URI of the service that generated the fault.
Contains the SOAP fault code as defined by the SOAP specification. InterSystems IRIS provides the following macros for the fault code elements:
  • $$$FAULTVersionMismatch — Incompatible SOAP Versions between client and server.
  • $$$FAULTMustUnderstand — Header has a MustUnderstand attribute which the Server could not understand.
  • $$$FAULTClient — Client made an incorrect/incomplete request
  • $$$FAULTServer — Server side error
Contains a human-readable explanation of the cause of the fault.

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