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These topics provide information about configuring, administering, and monitoring the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.

System Administration Guide  Introduces common system administration tasks.
Monitoring Guide  Describes the tools, routines, and third-party interfaces available to monitor InterSystems products.
Managing Productions  Explains how to use the Management Portal to manage productions.
Monitoring Productions  Explains how to monitor your production environment and production components.
Data Integrity Guide  Explains the mechanisms used in InterSystems products to maintain data integrity.
Additional Configuration Settings Reference  Describes settings in the Management Portal's Additional Settings section on the Configuration page.
Configuration Parameter File Reference  Describes the purpose and syntax of entries in the Configuration Parameter File.
Web Gateway Configuration Guide  Describes how to manually set up a web server and the InterSystems Web Gateway to connect to InterSystems products on supported operating systems.
Specialized System Tools and Utilities  Describes tools and utilities for managing and extending InterSystems-based systems.

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