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Application Development: Creating Productions
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These topics provide the most commonly needed information on building productions, including conceptual information, code examples, procedures, and reference information.

Introducing Interoperability Productions  Introduces how to interoperate between systems by with productions, which can transform and route messages.
Preparing to Create Productions  Provides a road map for getting started with creating productions.
Best Practices for Creating Productions  Describes best practices for organizing and developing productions.
Developing Productions  Explains how to perform the development tasks related to creating a production.
Configuring Productions  Explains how to perform the configuration tasks related to creating a production.
Developing Business Rules  Explains how to define business rules that direct business process logic.
Developing BPL Processes  Describes how to write business processes using the Business Process Language (BPL).
Developing DTL Transformations  Describes how to create DTL data transformations.
Business Process and Data Transformation Language Reference  Describes each Business Process Language (BPL) element and each Data Transformation Language (DTL) element.
Testing Productions  Provides a hands-on tutorial for testing productions using %UnitTest.TestProduction.

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