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Application Development: Additional Options
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These topics describe additional options available to programmers who develop applications with the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.

Creating REST Services  Describes how to create REST services.
Using JSON  Describes how to use InterSystems support for JSON.
XML Tutorial  Provides an interactive introduction to InterSystems XML and web services features.
Web Services Quick Start Tutorial  Provides an interactive introduction to creating web service producers and consumers using InterSystems products.
Creating Web Services and Web Clients  Describes how to create InterSystems-based web services and web clients.
Using Document Database (DocDB)  Provides an overview of and details about the InterSystems DocDB.
Projecting Objects to XML  Describes how to project InterSystems objects to XML elements, attributes, and schemas.
Using XML Tools  Describes how to use InterSystems XML tools to work with XML-enabled classes, work with general XML documents, and customize use of the InterSystems SAX Parser.
Using Internet Utility Classes  Describes how to use Internet utility classes for HTTP requests, email, FTP, and other such basics.
Using Globals  Describes the InterSystems multidimensional storage mechanism.
I/O Device Guide  Describes I/O coding for various device types and for sequential files.
Accessing Source Code Files Using REST  Describes how to access InterSystems source code files, which include class definitions and routines, using REST.
InterSystems Programming Tools Index  Helps you find classes, routines, and other InterSystems programming tools.
Using the Terminal  Describes how to use the ObjectScript command-line interface.
Using Studio  Provides information on the Studio development environment.

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