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Parameter Definitions
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Describes the structure of a parameter definition.
A parameter definition defines a constant value available to all objects of a given class. When you create a class definition (or at any point before compilation), you can set the values for its class parameters. By default, the value of each parameter is the null string, but you can specify a non-null value as part of the parameter definition. At compile-time, the value of the parameter is established for all instances of a class. With rare exceptions, this value cannot be altered at runtime.
A parameter definition has the following structure:
/// description 
Parameter name As parameter_type [ keyword_list ] = value ;
Allowed Types for Parameters
The parameter_type option can be one of the following values:
You also can omit parameter_type, in which case Studio will allow any value for the parameter.
/// This is the name of our web service.
Parameter SERVICENAME = "SOAPDemo" ;
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