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Identifies the arbiter used by the mirror the instance is a member of


[Startup]    ArbiterURL=host:port

host:port is the address of the arbiter.


ArbiterURL identifies the arbiter used by the members of a mirror.

Using This Parameter

In conjunction with other parameters, ArbiterURL can be used to deploy mirrored stand-alone instances, distributed cache cluster data servers, and sharded cluster data nodes using the configuration merge feature.

For an existing instance, changes to this parameter would typically be made by changing the mirror’s configurationOpens in a new tab.

See Also

MirrorMember, to specify the mirror role of the instance.

MirrorPrimary, to specify the host of the mirror primary, if the instance is joining as a backup or DR async.

MirrorSetName, to specify the name of the mirror the instance is creating or joining.

MirrorSSLDir, to identify the location of the instance’s mirror SSL configuration.

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