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Connecting to an InterSystems IRIS Instance
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Connecting to an InterSystems IRIS Instance
The InterSystems IRIS Terminal is a command line you can use in any namespace of an InterSystems IRIS instance. Open the Terminal for a running instance using the command iris terminal instname, where instname is the name you gave the instance at installation. A containerized instance is typically named IRIS.
Log in using one of the predefined user accounts, with the password you provided during installation, or an account you created. The prompt that displays indicates the login namespace, for example:
# iris terminal IRIS

Node: intersystems2588, Instance: IRIS27

Username: admin
Password: ********
To exit the Terminal and close the window, enter the command halt.
On a containerized instance, log in for the first time using one of the predefined accounts and the default password SYS; you are immediately prompted to change the password.
On a Windows system, you must execute the command from its location, the install-dir\bin directory of an InterSystems IRIS instance, or include the full path in the command, for example c:\InterSystems\IRIS27\bin\iris terminal IRIS4. You can execute the binary of a given instance to connect to that instance or another; the instance name is required either way.

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