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Orientation Guide for Server-Side Programming
Server Configuration Options
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There are a few configuration options for the server that can affect how you write your code. This chapter discusses the following topics:
Most of the configuration details are saved in a file called iris.cpf (the configuration parameter file or CPF file).
Settings for InterSystems SQL
To view and modify the settings that affect the behavior of InterSystems SQL:
  1. Access the Management Portal.
  2. Select System Administration > Configuration > SQL and Object Settings > General SQL Settings.
    This page lists many settings. The most important ones are typically these:
  3. If you make any change, select Save.
Use of IPv6 Addressing
InterSystems IRIS™ always accepts IPv4 addresses and DNS forms of addressing (host names, with or without domain qualifiers). You can configure InterSystems IRIS to also accept IPv6 addresses; see “IPv6 Support” in the chapter “Configuring InterSystems IRIS” in the System Administration Guide.
Configuring a Server Programmatically
You can programmatically change some of the operational parameters of InterSystems IRIS by invoking specific utilities; this is how you would likely change the configuration for your customers. For example:
For details, see the InterSystems Class Reference for these classes.
For More Information
For more information on the topics covered in this chapter, see the following:

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