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New Compatibility Changes in InterSystems IRIS 2019.1.1

This article lists the features of the 2019.1.1 release of InterSystems IRIS® that, because of their difference in this version, affect the administration, operation, or development activities of existing systems.

Customers upgrading their applications from earlier releases are strongly urged to read the upgrade checklist for the intervening versions as well.

New License Needed for Legacy Features Caché Direct and WebLink

Caché Direct and WebLink are legacy features that are available to customers who have applications dependent on these features in earlier InterSystems products. If you are using these features in your application, you must get a new license from InterSystems that enables them. If you install release 2019.1.1 or later and do not have this new license, client connections to InterSystems IRIS will fail, and a LoginFailure event will be added to the Audit log.

Interoperability Production — Custom Subclasses of EnsLib.HTTP.GenericMessage May Require Changes

EnsLib.HTTP.GenericMessage now explicitly defined XMLNAME parameter as well as XMLTYPE. Any custom sub classes of EnsLib.HTTP.GenericMessage need to account for XMLNAME paramter now being inherited and override as required.

Interoperability Production — New X12 Validation May Impact Previously Ignored Flags

The behavior for existing X12 validation flags in routers is unchanged. However, in the unlikely event that you have specified extra validation flags that were not previously valid, the behavior may change. If you specified a nonexistent validation flag, it would have been ignored, but if the flag now matches a new validation flag, the specified validation will be performed.

For a list of the new validation flags, see Validation in Routing X12 Documents in Productions.

System — Maximum Frame Depth Reduced

To fix a process termination when a <FRAMESTACK> error was encountered when handling a previous <FRAMESTACK> error, the change reduced the maximum frame depth for Unicode systems. This change is unlikely to cause problems unless your code created conditions that were very close to the previously allowed frame depth.

ODBC, JDBC, and Drivers Are Not Compatible with Caché/Ensemble

In previous releases, you could use the InterSystems IRIS ODBC, JDBC, and drivers with Caché/Ensemble servers as well as with InterSystems IRIS servers. This release introduces changes that make that no longer possible. With a Caché/Ensemble server, you can only use an ODBC, JDBC, or driver that is supplied with a Caché or Ensemble release. You can continue to use InterSystems IRIS ODBC, JDBC, and drivers with earlier versions of InterSystems IRIS.

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