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Known Issues and Notes
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This chapter describes issues that InterSystems is aware of in InterSystems IRIS 2019.1 and notes related to this version of the product. These issues will be addressed in future maintenance releases.
Problem Executing Sharded Operations After Mirrored Shard Failover
When a mirrored data shard has failed over to the backup mirror member due to an outage of the primary, and the former primary has been restored to operation as backup (with or without operator intervention), a sharded operation executed on the sharded cluster can fail, returning the error “Timed out waiting for reply”. Once this error occurs, all attempts to execute sharded operations requiring access to this data shard will return this error. To correct this problem, follow this procedure:
  1. Take the backup (the former primary) offline, or gracefully shut it down.
  2. Call $SYSTEM.Sharding.VerifyShards() in the master or shard namespace on any instance belonging to the sharded cluster. This call should succeed (returning status 1).
  3. Bring the backup member online or restart it.
Subsequent sharded operations should succeed without errors.
Issue: Some Loss of Journaling Efficiency in Very High Throughput Environments
With each release InterSystems attempts to improve or at least maintain the efficiency of InterSystems IRIS. However, in this release, we discovered a loss of efficiency in processing journaling in environments with a very high throughput. We discovered this loss too late in the release cycle to fix it and will improve this performance in a future release.
Issue: Cannot Execute SQL Query in Query Builder
Although you can use the Management Portal SQL Query Builder to create queries, you cannot execute them in the Query Builder. The Execute Query button does not have any effect. As a workaround, you can copy the query from the Query Builder and then paste it into the Execute Query form. There is no problem executing queries from the Execute Query form.
Issue: Installation Error for Windows Standalone Web Gateway for IIS
The standalone Web Gateway installer for IIS on Windows copies some files to the incorrect directory on systems without previous Web Gateway installations. This is not a problem with the Web Gateway installed as part of a Windows InterSystems IRIS install. The standalone installer copies CSPms.dll and related files to C:/inetpub/CSPGateway but configures IIS to point to C:/inetpub/WebGateway for those files. This results in the application pool stopping when an attempt is made to request a page that would go through the gateway, and a 503 service unavailable error being shown on the browser. To correct this condition, move all files except CSP.ini, CSP.log and CSPRT.ini from C:/inetpub/CSPGateway to C:/inetpub/WebGateway.
Note: False Positive in Kaspersky Virus Scanner
InterSystems continuously tests our products for viruses and malware using a tightly controlled environment and process; however, some virus scanners use behavior analysis that can find false positives in products that do not have viruses or other malware. Kaspersky Endpoint Security reports that its "Behavior analysis" heuristic detected PDM: Trojan.Win32.Generic in the installer for InterSystems IRIS. Please make sure that the kit you received from InterSystems is signed and matches the provided checksum to avoid receiving modified kits.

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