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Installation Guide
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InterSystems IRIS™ can be deployed in several different ways, and runs on a number of different platforms. For information about deployment alternatives, including InterSystems Cloud Manager and InterSystems IRIS container images, see Deploying InterSystems IRIS in InterSystems IRIS Basics: Connecting an IDE. To verify that InterSystems IRIS runs on your server, cloud, or development platform, see InterSystems Supported Platforms for the current release.
This Installation Guide describes the process of installing InterSystems IRIS from an installation kit, and contains the following chapters.
To plan and prepare to install InterSystems IRIS, see the chapter:
Install InterSystems IRIS following the instructions in the appropriate platform-specific installation chapter:
If you are upgrading from InterSystems IRIS Version 2018.1 or later, read the following chapter for a list of pre-installation upgrade tasks:
To learn how to create an installation manifest describing a specific InterSystems IRIS configuration and use it to generate code to configure an InterSystems IRIS instance, read the chapter:
For detailed information, see the Table of Contents.

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