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File System Recommendations
In the interests of performance and recoverability, InterSystems recommends a minimum of four separate file systems for InterSystems IRIS, to host the following:
In addition, you can add another separate file system to the configuration for the WIJ file which, by default, is created in the install—dir\mgr\ directory. Ensure that such a file system has enough space to allow the WIJ to grow to its maximum size—that is, the size of the database cache as allocated on the Memory and Startup page (System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > Memory and Startup) (see Memory and Startup Settings in the “Configuring InterSystems IRIS” chapter of the System Administration Guide). For more information on the WIJ, see the Write Image Journal chapter of the InterSystems IRIS Data Integrity Guide.
On UNIX®, Linux, and macOS platforms, /usr/local/etc/irissys is the InterSystems IRIS registry directory and therefore must be on a local filesystem.
In the event of a catastrophic disk failure that damages database files, the journal files are a key element in recovering from backup. Therefore, you should place the primary and alternate journal directories on storage devices that are separate from the devices used by database files and the WIJ. (Journals should be separated from the WIJ because damage to the WIJ could compromise database integrity.) Since the alternate journal device allows journaling to continue after an error on the primary journal device, the primary and alternate journal directories should also be on devices separate from each other. For practical reasons, these different devices may be different logical units (LUNs) on the same storage array; the general rule is the more separation the better, with separate sets of physical drives highly recommended. See Journaling Best Practices in the “Journaling” chapter of the InterSystems IRIS Data Integrity Guide for more information about separate journal storage.
The journal directories and the WIJ directory are not configured during installation. For information on changing them after you install InterSystems IRIS, see Configuring Journal Settings in the InterSystems IRIS Data Integrity Guide.
Current storage arrays, especially SSD/Flash-based arrays, do not always allow for the type of segregation recommended in the preceding. When using such a technology, consult and follow the storage vendor’s recommendations for performance and resiliency.
In addition, this section includes information about the following:

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