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Scenario: Pivot Table Widget with KPI as Data Source
In this scenario, within the %OnDashboardAction() method, the pContext variable has the following properties:
Property Name Property Contents
currValue Value of first selected cell
currSeriesNo Column number of first selected cell
valueList Null
pivotVariables A proxy object that contains one property for each pivot variable. Specifically, pContext.pivotVariables.varname contains the value of the pivot variable varname. In this proxy object, all pivot variable names are in lowercase. For example, if the server defines a pivot variable named MyVar, this pivot variable is available as pContext.pivotVariables.myvar
filters An array that indicates the current values of all filter controls. For each node in this array, the subscript is the name of a filter defined by the KPI. The value of the node is the corresponding key or keys, in the form described at Allowed Default Values for Filters.
dataSource Name of the current data source

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