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CREATE SET Statement (MDX)

Creates a named set that can be used within the current session.

Syntax and Details

CREATE SESSION SET cube_name.set_name AS 'set_expression'
  • cube_name is the name of the cube to which you are adding this set.

  • set_name is an unquoted string that names the set. Later you can use this set name in the place of a set expression in any MDX query within the same session.

  • set_expression is an expression that refers to a set.

When you use the MDX shell, a session is started; the session ends when you exit the shell. During this session, if you use the CREATE SET statement, the member that you create is available until the session ends or until you use the DROP SET statement.


First, in the MDX shell, we define a new named set in the Patients cube:

>>CREATE SESSION SET patients.testset AS 'birthd.decade.MEMBERS'
Elapsed time:       .014451s

Then we use the named set in a query:

>>SELECT MEASURES.[%COUNT] ON 0, testset ON 1 FROM patients
                             Patient Count
 1 1910s                                 71
 2 1920s                                223
 3 1930s                                572
 4 1940s                                683
 5 1950s                              1,030
 6 1960s                              1,500
 7 1970s                              1,520
 8 1980s                              1,400
 9 1990s                              1,413
10 2000s                              1,433
11 2010s                                155
Elapsed time:       .018745s

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