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This book describes recommended day-to-day operations and monitoring tasks that InterSystems IRIS administrators can perform when administering InterSystems IRIS systems. You should review the tasks in this book and determine which tasks to perform based on the needs of your systems and organization. Performing the relevant monitoring and operations tasks will help keep your systems running smoothly and without interruption. However, the tasks provided in this book are not comprehensive and only provide a framework for your monitoring and operations activities. Depending on the needs of your organization and systems, you may need to perform other tasks not mentioned in this book.

The chapters in this book list the day-to-day operations and monitoring tasks by category, frequency of task performance, and role of the task performer. You can find descriptions of the tasks and instructions for performing them in the task reference.

Many of these tasks can be automated via tools that are natively available to InterSystems IRIS systems, such as the Health Monitor and the Log Monitor. In many cases, you may be able to use third-party system and infrastructure monitoring solutions to automate these tasks. Many UNIX System Administrators use Nagios, which offers plug-ins to extend its functionality.

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