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Introduction to the Work Queue Manager

The Work Queue Manager is a feature of InterSystems IRIS® data platform that enables you to improve performance by distributing work to multiple concurrent processes programmatically. It provides an efficient and straightforward API that enables you to off-load process management.

InterSystems code uses the Work Queue Manager internally in several places. Wherever you have code that meets the requirements, you can use the Work Queue Manager to perform parallel processing.

In addition to reducing the time needed to process large workloads, the Work Queue Manager provides you with a high level of control over how the CPU resources on your system are used. For example, you can create categories of work and define the number of worker jobs assigned to the categories. Additionally, the Work Queue Manager provides work load metrics so that you can monitor the load on your system in real time.

The following pages provide details on using this feature. Also see %SYSTEM.WorkMgrOpens in a new tab and %SYSTEM.ShardWorkMgrOpens in a new tab, and %SYSTEM.AbstractWorkMgrOpens in a new tab in the class reference.

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