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Recap Of Part 3

In Part 3, you learned about more interesting and useful features of ObjectScript.

  • Functions: $Order, $Translate, $Replace, $Get, $Test.

  • Commands: Lock, TStart, TCommit, TRollback.

  • A little bit about objects, properties, and instance methods, including the standard object methods %New(), %OpenId(), and %Save().

  • Accessing data using SQL.

Thanks for using this tutorial! To learn more about ObjectScript, read Using ObjectScript.

All of the classes used in examples and exercises are available on GitHub in the Samples-ObjectScriptOpens in a new tab repository. You can connect VS Code to the repository, or download the repository and add the classes to your VS Code workspace. Read Downloading Samples for Use with InterSystems IRIS for general information about samples on GitHub.

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