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Known Issues and Notes

This topic describes known issues in InterSystems IRIS® 2023.2.

CANCEL QUERY With Database Drivers

The CANCEL QUERY command is not supported for use with JDBC, ODBC, ADO.NET, or DP-API driver technologies. InterSystems is committed to providing this support in the next release.

However, users can access this functionality through the %SYSTEM.CancelQuery()Opens in a new tab stored procedure, which is fully supported across driver technologies.

New Compact IEEE Default Requires Updated Client Artifacts

The compact IEEE feature is now turned on by default in new installations of InterSystems IRIS 2023.2.x — the default is not changed during upgrades of an existing InterSystems IRIS instance. As a result, old versions of client artifacts (such as JDBC, ODBC, Native SDK, and XEP) will be unable to connect with an InterSystems IRIS server with the compact IEEE feature turned on. To avoid connection failures, update your client artifacts to the latest version or turn off compact IEEE. To turn off compact IEEE, set the ListFormat property of the Config.MiscellaneousOpens in a new tab class to 0.

Migration Restriction

InterSystems does not support migration from InterSystems Caché® or InterSystems Ensemble® to this InterSystems IRIS release.

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