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Troubleshooting Assistance

This section contains advice and suggestions that may come in handy when trying to identify an issue.

General Troubleshooting

This section contains advice and steps to follow in any troubleshooting scenario.

Pinpoint where and when the issue originated.
  • What time did the issue start?

  • Where did the problem first appear? In complex systems with multiple instances, it may be difficult to figure out when the problem started.

Review the logs for warnings, errors, and alerts.

The following logs may contain useful information about the issue. Look for warnings, errors, or alerts around the time that the issue began.

Review CPU activity.
  • Is the server load within the typical range?

  • Monitor CPU UtilizationOpens in a new tab; is CPU usage steady, or are there spikes? Are the spikes an increase or decrease in activity?

  • Is the CPU often waiting on I/O? (On systems with sysstat installed, you can look at iostat.)

Check whether all processes are running as expected.
  • Monitor Total Processes.Opens in a new tab Are any processes stuck, or looping?

  • Go to Management Portal > System Operations > Process > Details (on far right) of a process ID for information about specific processes.

Check the Mirror Monitor and Mirror Status Monitor.
Ensure the InterSystems IRIS license is valid and current.

Contact the WRC

Even if you are unable to identify and resolve the issue, the InterSystems Worldwide Response Center (WRC)Opens in a new tab is available to help diagnose and resolve any issues that may arise. Any information you have about the issue can help the WRC quickly identify what is causing the issue. The following are steps you can perform to provide the WRC with as much information as possible.

Summarize the issue.
  • Can the issue be reproduced? Does it occur consistently?

  • Has anything changed on the system recently that may have caused the issue?

Record the version information for InterSystems IRIS and its operating system.
Get in touch with the WRC
FeedbackOpens in a new tab