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Use of the InterSystems Private Web Server

InterSystems installs an Apache-based web server (often referred to as the private web server) to assure that the management portals for its products are always available. The private web server is built and configured to meet the management needs of InterSystems administrative servers and is configured to only connect to InterSystems products.

The options selected are not, in general, suitable for production use — in particular, security is minimal and the options used are generally unsuitable for a high volume of HTTP requests. Testing, by InterSystems, of the private web server only covers use of the private web server for managing InterSystems products.

Customers are not required to use this web server to manage InterSystems products. You may also use a web server of your choice; see Supported Web Servers in the Supported Platform Guide.


In a future release, the installer will not install the private web server.

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