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class %SYS.Python.WSGI extends %CSP.REST

The dedicated dispatch class for all WSGI applications Dispatches to Python after setting up environment variables necessary for WSGI applications

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classmethod CreateApp(appName As %String) as %Status
This method can be called from the command line to automatically create a simple flask application served by IRIS.
classmethod DispatchREST(PathInfo As %String, appPath As %String, appName As %String, callable As %String) as %Status
This method dispatches calls to a WSGI application.
classmethod OnPreDispatch(pUrl As %String, pMethod As %String, ByRef pContinue As %Boolean) as %Status
This overrides %CSP.REST's OnPreDispatch to instead use DispatchRest for WSGI applications.
classmethod ServeStaticFile(pPath As %String) as %Status
This method deals with serving static files only when WSGI static file serve is enabled.

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