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class %SYS.Python.SQLResultSet extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Implementation of SQL support

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property IterationStarted as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Indicate if we're already started iteration
Property methods: IterationStartedDisplayToLogical(), IterationStartedGet(), IterationStartedIsValid(), IterationStartedLogicalToDisplay(), IterationStartedNormalize(), IterationStartedSet()
property ResultSet as %SQL.StatementResult;
Wrapped ResultSet
Property methods: ResultSetGet(), ResultSetGetSwizzled(), ResultSetIsValid(), ResultSetNewObject(), ResultSetSet()


method %OnNew(rs As %SQL.StatementResult) as %Status
Implement %OnNew handler
method __contains__() as %Boolean
We can't do a contains ...
method __iter__()
Grab an iterator
method __len__() as %Integer
We don't know the length/size of a result set ...
method __next__() as %String
method dataframe() as %SYS.Python
Convert resultset to a Pandas dataframe

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