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class %SYS.Python.IteratorHelper extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Implementation of an iterator helper for Python

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property %Iterator as %Collection.AbstractIterator [ Transient ];
Abstract iterator that we are iterating on
Property methods: %IteratorGet(), %IteratorGetSwizzled(), %IteratorIsValid(), %IteratorNewObject(), %IteratorSet()
property %Key as %String;
Current iterator key
Property methods: %KeyDisplayToLogical(), %KeyGet(), %KeyIsValid(), %KeyLogicalToDisplay(), %KeyLogicalToOdbc(), %KeyNormalize(), %KeySet()
property %Mode as %String (VALUELIST = ",values,keys,both") [ InitialExpression = "values" , Required , Transient ];
Mode flag
Property methods: %ModeDisplayToLogical(), %ModeGet(), %ModeIsValid(), %ModeLogicalToDisplay(), %ModeLogicalToOdbc(), %ModeNormalize(), %ModeSet()


method %OnNew(iter As %Collection.AbstractIterator, mode As %String = "") as %Status
Initialize this iterator helper
method __contains__(item As %Any) as %Boolean
Check to see if this iterator contains the following
method __iter__() as IteratorHelper
Allows an "iterator on an iterator", note that it does NOT reset then "index" it just continues on and this doesn not "clone", it's a reference as per Python behavior
method __len__() as %Integer
Return the length of the iterable collection (if known)
method __next__() as %String
Python iterator implementation

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