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class %Net.LDAP.Client.PropList extends %Library.RegisteredObject

WARNING: This Class and its methods has been deprecated, please use the %SYS.LDAP class.

List of attributes and values, used to create a new entry. (See %Net.LDAP.Client.Session.AddNewEntry() method) This class cannot be %New()'d. Use session.GetPropList method.

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method Insert(Attribute As %String, Value As %RawString, IsBinary As %Boolean = 0, func As %Integer = 0) as %Status
Append an attribute and value pair to this property list object. Return $$$OK status, otherwise related error.

If the value is %Net.LDAP.Client.ValueList, it will use that as is. If the Value is Stream, it will read the stream as value. If the Value is %Collection.AbstractIterator, it will iterate the collection, and use the returned value(s). Otherwise it will store the passed object as value.

IsBinary is required if the value is binary data i.e. an image

func arg is used internally

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