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serial class %Net.MIMESerialPart extends %Net.MIMEPart, %Library.SerialObject, %XML.Adaptor

A serializable subclass of %Net.MIMEPart

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property Body as %Stream.GlobalBinary;
The body of the attachment as a stream. Either Parts must contain MIMEParts or Body must be specified, but not both.
Property methods: BodyDelete(), BodyGet(), BodyGetObject(), BodyGetObjectId(), BodyGetSwizzled(), BodyIsValid(), BodyNewObject(), BodyOid(), BodyOpen(), BodySet(), BodySetObject(), BodySetObjectId(), BodyUnSwizzle()


method BodySet(body As %CSP.BinaryStream = "") as %Status
Set the body of the attachment to a stream. If the stream contains a Headers attribute, this attribute is used to initialize the headers of the MIME part. The %CSP.BinaryStream that is returned by the CSP engine is an example of such a stream with Headers attribute.
classmethod CloneFromMIMEPart(pPart As %Net.MIMEPart) as %Net.MIMESerialPart
Clonesa regular %Net.MIMEPart into a serializable %Net.MIMESerialPart

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