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stream class Ens.BPL.UI.BPLDocument extends Ens.Util.AbstractDocument

Abstract Document used to load BPL diagrams into Studio.

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parameter DOCUMENTCLASS = Ens.BusinessProcessBPL;
Name of superclass used for documents of this type.
parameter EDITORURL = EnsPortal.BPLEditor.zen;
URL to use to get actual editor for Studio to display.
parameter EXTENSION = .bpl;
Inherited description: File extension used for this document (e.g., .dtl)


method CompileDocument(flags As %String) as %Status
Compile this document
method CopyFrom(source As %Stream.Object) as %Status
Inherited description: Copies the contents of source into this Stream.

For example, you can copy oldstream into a new stream:

  Set newstream=##class(%GlobalCharacterStream).%New()
  Do newstream.CopyFrom(oldstream)

Returns a %Status value indicating success or failure.

classmethod Exists(name As %String) as %Boolean
Return 1 if the given BPL document exists and 0 if it does not.
method ExportToXML(flags As %String) as %Status
Export this document to the current device in XML format
classmethod GetURL(pName As %String) as %String
method ImportFromXML(stream As %RegisteredObject, flags As %String) as %Status
Passed a stream containing the XML document, this method should insert this into the current document. Once this is done the importer will call Save on the document. This default handler in assumes the export ExportToXML() just wrote the data in a CDATA structure
method Save() as %Status
Deserialize the BPL Diagram and save it as a BPL class.
method SaveBPLToClass()
This method saves BPL XML to the given class

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