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class Ens.MetricModel extends %ZEN.DataModel.DataModel

This is a ZEN MVC DataModel class that adapts the data collected by a Business Metric service for use in a ZEN MVC page.
This model is read-only.
For a dataController to connect to Business Metric:
Its modelClass property should be set to "Ens.MetricModel"
Its modelId should be set the configuration name of the Business Metric.

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parameter READONLYMODEL = 1;
Metric models are read-only.


method %CopyDataToModel(ByRef pData, pSeries As %Integer = "") as %Status
Internal method.
classmethod %DeleteModel(pID As %String) as %Status
Delete a given DataModel instance.
final classmethod %GetPropertyInfo(Output pInfo As %String, pExtended As %Boolean = 0, pModelId As %String = "", pContainer As %String = "") as %Status
Return an array, subscripted by property name, describing the properties within this DataModel.
These are returned as an array of the form:
pInfo(name) = seqno
If pExtended is true (1), then the array will include additional nodes for each property. This information is used to create dynamic forms for this model.
Applications should not change this method.
method %OnLoadModel(pSource As %RegisteredObject) as %Status
Inherited description: This callback method does the actual work of loading values from the data source into this DataModel object.
final classmethod %OpenModel(pID As %String, pConcurrency As %Integer = -1, Output pSC As %Status = $$$OK) as %RegisteredObject
Open and return an instance of this DataModel object (given an id value pID and fill in its property values.
pID will be the name of the Business Metric that will provide the data.
final method %SaveModel() as %Status
Save the values currently within this DataModel object back to a data source.

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