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class %DeepSee.Model.listingField extends %DeepSee.Model.node

Meta-data object that represents a listing field for a DeepSee cube. This provides a way for users to create a customized listing by selecting one or more listing fields.

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relationship cube as %DeepSee.Model.cube (XMLPROJECTION = "none") [ Inverse = listingFields , Cardinality = one ];
Cube that this listing field belongs to.
Property methods: cubeGet(), cubeGetObject(), cubeGetObjectId(), cubeGetSwizzled(), cubeIsValid(), cubeNewObject(), cubeRClose(), cubeRExec(), cubeRFetch(), cubeRelate(), cubeSQLCompute(), cubeSet(), cubeUnRelate()
property fieldExpression as %String (MAXLEN = 1000, XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
This is the (SQL) expression that defines this listing field.
Property methods: fieldExpressionDisplayToLogical(), fieldExpressionGet(), fieldExpressionIsValid(), fieldExpressionLogicalToDisplay(), fieldExpressionLogicalToOdbc(), fieldExpressionNormalize(), fieldExpressionSet()
property resource as %String (MAXLEN = 255, XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Optional. The resource needed to view this listing field:
If defined and the current user holds the USE privilege on this resource, then the user may view this listing field.
Property methods: resourceDisplayToLogical(), resourceGet(), resourceIsValid(), resourceLogicalToDisplay(), resourceLogicalToOdbc(), resourceNormalize(), resourceSet()


method %Validate() as %Status
Test if this listing field's definition is valid.

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