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class %DeepSee.Model.listing extends %DeepSee.Model.node

Meta-data object that represents a listing for a DeepSee cube. This specifies what is used as the default RETURN clause for DRILLTHROUGH queries against this cube.
If no listings are defined for a cube, then no listing option is provided.

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relationship cube as %DeepSee.Model.cube (XMLPROJECTION = "none") [ Inverse = listings , Cardinality = one ];
Cube that this listing belongs to.
Property methods: cubeGet(), cubeGetObject(), cubeGetObjectId(), cubeGetSwizzled(), cubeIsValid(), cubeNewObject(), cubeRClose(), cubeRExec(), cubeRFetch(), cubeRelate(), cubeSQLCompute(), cubeSet(), cubeUnRelate()
property fieldList as %String);
Optional. If specified, this is used as the RETURN clause for the DRILLTHROUGH query used for this listing.
For listings based on a Data Connector, this attribute must be supplied.
Property methods: fieldListDisplayToLogical(), fieldListGet(), fieldListIsValid(), fieldListLogicalToDisplay(), fieldListLogicalToOdbc(), fieldListNormalize(), fieldListSet()
property formatList as %String (MAXLEN = 5000, XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Optional. This is a "^" delimited list of css formatting instructions for the listing. Each piece of the list is applied to its corresponding column in the listing.
Property methods: formatListDisplayToLogical(), formatListGet(), formatListIsValid(), formatListLogicalToDisplay(), formatListLogicalToOdbc(), formatListNormalize(), formatListSet()
property listingType as %String (MAXLEN = 50, VALUELIST = ",table,map", XMLPROJECTION = "attribute") [ InitialExpression = "table" ];
Indicates how to display this listing.
"table" (the default) shows the listing as a table.
"map" shows the listing within a map view. For this case, your listing must contain a columns called "Latitude" and "Longitude".
Property methods: listingTypeDisplayToLogical(), listingTypeGet(), listingTypeIsValid(), listingTypeLogicalToDisplay(), listingTypeLogicalToOdbc(), listingTypeNormalize(), listingTypeSet()
property orderBy as %String (MAXLEN = 1000, XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Optional. If specified, this is used as the %ORDER BY clause for the DRILLTHROUGH query used for this listing.
This is only used if the cube's sourceClass is a persistent class.
Property methods: orderByDisplayToLogical(), orderByGet(), orderByIsValid(), orderByLogicalToDisplay(), orderByLogicalToOdbc(), orderByNormalize(), orderBySet()
property resource as %String (MAXLEN = 255, XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Optional. The resource needed to view this listing:
If defined and the current user holds the USE privilege on this resource, then the user may view this listing.
Property methods: resourceDisplayToLogical(), resourceGet(), resourceIsValid(), resourceLogicalToDisplay(), resourceLogicalToOdbc(), resourceNormalize(), resourceSet()
property selectMode as %String (DISPLAYLIST = ",Logical,ODBC,Display", VALUELIST = ",0,1,2", XMLPROJECTION = "attribute") [ InitialExpression = 2 ];
SQL selectMode which this SQL listing will use to execute.
Possible values are:
  • 0 for LOGICAL mode.
  • 1 for ODBC mode.
  • 2 for DISPLAY mode.
Property methods: selectModeDisplayToLogical(), selectModeGet(), selectModeIsValid(), selectModeLogicalToDisplay(), selectModeLogicalToOdbc(), selectModeNormalize(), selectModeSet()
property sourceClass as %DeepSee.Datatype.className (XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Name of the %DeepSee.DataConnector class that provides the listing data.
If the cube uses a data connector as its sourceClass, then you must specify this value if you wish to show listings for the cube. If not specified, then the primary data connector for cube will be used for listings.
Property methods: sourceClassDisplayToLogical(), sourceClassGet(), sourceClassIsValid(), sourceClassLogicalToDisplay(), sourceClassLogicalToOdbc(), sourceClassNormalize(), sourceClassSet()
property sql as %String);
Optional. If specified, this is the sql statement used for this listing.
This is only used if the cube's sourceClass is a persistent class.
Property methods: sqlDisplayToLogical(), sqlGet(), sqlIsValid(), sqlLogicalToDisplay(), sqlLogicalToOdbc(), sqlNormalize(), sqlSet()


method %AtScaleExport(pStatus As %Status = $$$OK, ByRef pAuxiliaryIndex As %DynamicAbstractObject = $$$NULLOREF) as %DynamicAbstractObject
Produce the structures needed to emit the appropriate JSON and export this item to AtScale
method %Validate() as %Status
Test if this listing's definition is valid.

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