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class %DeepSee.ListingGroup extends %Library.RegisteredObject

This class contains APIs for managing Listing Groups. A listing group porvides the ability to define DeepSee listings outside of the cube and subject area definitions.

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classmethod %GetClassName(pListingGroupName="", pCompiled=1) as %String
Look up the storage class for a given listing group. The parameter pCompiled = 1 indicates only the available metadata should be returned. pCompiled = 0 returns all listing definition classes defined in the namespace.
classmethod %GetListingGroups(Output pList, pCompiled=1, pRequestCube="*")
Returns a list of listing groups currently stored. The return structure is
pList(GroupID,counter) = $LB(GroupID,Name,Caption,CubeList,Class). If the setting pCompiled = 1 is used, only listing groups that have successfully been compiled will be returned. Otherwise, all models currently saved will be returned.
classmethod %ListingGroupExists(pListGroupName="", pCompiled=1) as %Boolean
classmethod %SaveListingGroup(pGroupObject As %DeepSee.Model.ListingGroup.listingGroup, pClassName="") as %Status
Utility method for saving a listing group object to its class.

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