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class Ens.BPL.Parser extends %RegisteredObject

This class parses the BPL source and returns the root of the parse tree that represents the Business Process Class


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CollectBPLErrors ParseActivity ParseAnnotation ParseStream


• property ActivityCount as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
This holds the ActivityID counter


• method CollectBPLErrors() as %Status
Collect Parser Errors into a single status value
• method ParseActivity(pActivity As Ens.BPL.Activity, pIndex As %Integer, Output pStartChild As %String)
Parse the common members of a BPL Activity
• method ParseAnnotation(pActivity As Ens.BPL.Activity, pIndex As %Integer, Output pStartChild As %String)
Parse an annotation
• method ParseStream(pStream As %BinaryStream, Output pProcess As Ens.BPL.Process) as %Status
This is the entry point to the parser, a stream containing the XML BPL definition is passed and an instance of Ens.BPL.Process is returned. Validation of the XML is performed according to the associated schema (see Ens.BPL.Schema) On Success an instance of Ens.BPL.Process is returned. On failure, the status code contains one or more error codes. In the case of an 'Invalid BPL' error, additional information form the Schema Validator will be contained in the return status
• method parseMessage(Output pMessage As Ens.BPL.Message, pIndex As %Integer, pParent As Ens.BPL.Node) as %Status

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