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class %Net.MQSub extends %Net.MQRecv


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
3 1


ApplIdentityData Channel CharSetId Connection
Context CorrelationId MessageId PutApplType
QMBehavior QMgr QName ReplyQMgrName
ReplyQName SSLCipherSpec SelectCorrelationId SelectMessageId
Syncpoint TopicName TopicString Transport

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• property TopicName as %String;
For the default case, the optional topicName needs to be created beforehand, using WebSphere MQ Explorer or this MQSC command: DEFINE TOPIC(STOCKS) TOPICSTR(NYSE) REPLACE; Topic name
• property TopicString as %String;
Topic String


• method %Connect() as %Boolean
%Connect creates a connection for a Subscription.  A connection is required before messages from the subscription can be received. 

User must first set the standard MQSeries initialization arguments

QName: Host Queue Name (Optional). Note if QName is not provided, the Subscription must be a Managed Subscription.

QMgr: Host Queue Manager name. Passing "" connects to the default queue manager. (Optional)

Channel: Host Channel name (Optional)

Transport: Transport type (TCP, LU62, NETBIOS, SPX) (Optional)

Connection: Connection spec, e.g., "" (Optional)

TName: topic name (Required)

SName: subscription name. (Required)

durable: Set durable to 1 if the subscription is to be a durable subscription. (Optional)

See IBM MQ documentation on establishing defaults, and MQ authentication.

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