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class %Net.MIMEWriter extends %RegisteredObject

%Net.MIMEWriter outputs a MIME document as represented by a top level %Net.MIMEPart with multiple parts specified.


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OutputToDevice OutputToFile OutputToStream WriteHeader
WriteMIMEBody WriteMIMEMessage


• method OutputToDevice() as %Status
OutputToDevice sets output to the current device which is the default if no output method is specified.
• method OutputToFile(filename As %String) as %Status
OutputToFile sets output to be directed to a new file, named filename. The file is created with parameters "WNS".
• method OutputToStream(ByRef export As %BinaryStream) as %Status
OutputToStream sets output to be directed to a stream. export is the exported stream. If export is the oref of a stream, the MIME document will be written to this existing stream at the current position. If export is "", then a new %GlobalBinaryStream will be created to contain the MIME document and its oref returned. In this case, export must be passed by reference.
• method WriteHeader(name As %String, value As %String)
Write a header
• method WriteMIMEBody(message As %Net.MIMEPart) as %Status
WriteMIMEBody outputs the body of a MIME multipart message. If the messsage is multipart, the caller is expected to output needed headers. If the message, is not multipart, then headers are output.
• method WriteMIMEMessage(message As %Net.MIMEPart) as %Status
WriteMIMEMessage outputs a MIME message.