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class Ens.Enterprise.Portal.MonitorStatus extends EnsPortal.Template.viewerPage, Ens.Enterprise.Portal.base

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parameter PAGENAME = Enterprise Monitor;
Displayed name of this page.
parameter RESOURCE = %Ens_MsgBank_Dashboard:USE;
User needs USE permissions on the %Ens_MsgBank_Dashboard resource to view this page.
Indicate whether toggle button for search pane should be displayed.


property canViewEvents as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = ##class(EnsPortal.Utils).CheckResourceList(##class(Ens.Enterprise.Portal.MsgBankEventLog).#RESOURCE) ];
Property methods: canViewEventsDisplayToLogical(), canViewEventsGet(), canViewEventsIsValid(), canViewEventsLogicalToDisplay(), canViewEventsLogicalToXSD(), canViewEventsNormalize(), canViewEventsSet(), canViewEventsXSDToLogical()
property canViewMessages as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = ##class(EnsPortal.Utils).CheckResourceList(##class(Ens.Enterprise.Portal.MsgBankViewer).#RESOURCE) ];
Property methods: canViewMessagesDisplayToLogical(), canViewMessagesGet(), canViewMessagesIsValid(), canViewMessagesLogicalToDisplay(), canViewMessagesLogicalToXSD(), canViewMessagesNormalize(), canViewMessagesSet(), canViewMessagesXSDToLogical()
property canViewMonitorRoles as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = ##class(EnsPortal.Utils).CheckResourceList(##class(Ens.Enterprise.Portal.MonitorRoleList).#RESOURCE) ];
Property methods: canViewMonitorRolesDisplayToLogical(), canViewMonitorRolesGet(), canViewMonitorRolesIsValid(), canViewMonitorRolesLogicalToDisplay(), canViewMonitorRolesLogicalToXSD(), canViewMonitorRolesNormalize(), canViewMonitorRolesSet(), canViewMonitorRolesXSDToLogical()
property canViewSearch as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = ##class(EnsPortal.Utils).CheckResourceList(##class(Ens.Enterprise.Portal.EnterpriseSearch).#RESOURCE) ];
Property methods: canViewSearchDisplayToLogical(), canViewSearchGet(), canViewSearchIsValid(), canViewSearchLogicalToDisplay(), canViewSearchLogicalToXSD(), canViewSearchNormalize(), canViewSearchSet(), canViewSearchXSDToLogical()
property canViewSystems as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = ##class(EnsPortal.Utils).CheckResourceList(##class(Ens.Enterprise.Portal.SystemList).#RESOURCE) ];
Property methods: canViewSystemsDisplayToLogical(), canViewSystemsGet(), canViewSystemsIsValid(), canViewSystemsLogicalToDisplay(), canViewSystemsLogicalToXSD(), canViewSystemsNormalize(), canViewSystemsSet(), canViewSystemsXSDToLogical()
property canViewTrace as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = $system.Security.Check("%Ens_MessageTrace","USE") ];
Property methods: canViewTraceDisplayToLogical(), canViewTraceGet(), canViewTraceIsValid(), canViewTraceLogicalToDisplay(), canViewTraceLogicalToOdbc(), canViewTraceLogicalToXSD(), canViewTraceNormalize(), canViewTraceSet(), canViewTraceXSDToLogical()
property detailsHidden as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
Flag to indicate whether the detailsPanel is currently hidden.
Property methods: detailsHiddenDisplayToLogical(), detailsHiddenGet(), detailsHiddenIsValid(), detailsHiddenLogicalToDisplay(), detailsHiddenLogicalToOdbc(), detailsHiddenLogicalToXSD(), detailsHiddenNormalize(), detailsHiddenSet(), detailsHiddenXSDToLogical()
property detailsWidth as %ZEN.Datatype.integer (MAXVAL = 80, MINVAL = 5) [ InitialExpression = 80 ];
Inherited description: Value to indicate the percentage of the horizontal screen which should be devoted to the details panel (if it is visible). This is exposed as a client-side property for the layout code to use the value.
Property methods: detailsWidthDisplayToLogical(), detailsWidthGet(), detailsWidthIsValid(), detailsWidthLogicalToDisplay(), detailsWidthLogicalToOdbc(), detailsWidthNormalize(), detailsWidthSet()
property endId as %ZEN.Datatype.string (ZENURL = "EndId");
Property methods: endIdDisplayToLogical(), endIdGet(), endIdIsValid(), endIdLogicalToDisplay(), endIdLogicalToOdbc(), endIdNormalize(), endIdSet()
property matchSource as %ZEN.Datatype.string (ZENURL = "SOURCE");
Property methods: matchSourceDisplayToLogical(), matchSourceGet(), matchSourceIsValid(), matchSourceLogicalToDisplay(), matchSourceLogicalToOdbc(), matchSourceNormalize(), matchSourceSet()
property pageNumberId as [ InitialExpression = "pageTotal" ];
Inherited description: Id of the page number field
Property methods: pageNumberIdDisplayToLogical(), pageNumberIdGet(), pageNumberIdIsValid(), pageNumberIdLogicalToDisplay(), pageNumberIdLogicalToOdbc(), pageNumberIdNormalize(), pageNumberIdSet()
property pageSizeId as [ InitialExpression = "MaxRows" ];
Inherited description: Id of the page size field
Property methods: pageSizeIdDisplayToLogical(), pageSizeIdGet(), pageSizeIdIsValid(), pageSizeIdLogicalToDisplay(), pageSizeIdLogicalToOdbc(), pageSizeIdNormalize(), pageSizeIdSet()
property resultsTableId as [ InitialExpression = "table" ];
Inherited description: Id of the results tablePane
Property methods: resultsTableIdDisplayToLogical(), resultsTableIdGet(), resultsTableIdIsValid(), resultsTableIdLogicalToDisplay(), resultsTableIdLogicalToOdbc(), resultsTableIdNormalize(), resultsTableIdSet()
property roleCategories as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
Property methods: roleCategoriesDisplayToLogical(), roleCategoriesGet(), roleCategoriesIsValid(), roleCategoriesLogicalToDisplay(), roleCategoriesLogicalToOdbc(), roleCategoriesNormalize(), roleCategoriesSet()
property sessionLinkTitle as %ZEN.Datatype.caption [ InitialExpression = $$$Text("Click to view a visual trace of the session") ];
Property methods: sessionLinkTitleDisplayToLogical(), sessionLinkTitleGet(), sessionLinkTitleIsValid(), sessionLinkTitleLogicalToDisplay(), sessionLinkTitleLogicalToOdbc(), sessionLinkTitleNormalize(), sessionLinkTitleSet()
property startId as %ZEN.Datatype.string (ZENURL = "StartId");
Property methods: startIdDisplayToLogical(), startIdGet(), startIdIsValid(), startIdLogicalToDisplay(), startIdLogicalToOdbc(), startIdNormalize(), startIdSet()
property tracePage as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ InitialExpression = "EnsPortal.VisualTrace.zen" ];
Property methods: tracePageDisplayToLogical(), tracePageGet(), tracePageIsValid(), tracePageLogicalToDisplay(), tracePageLogicalToOdbc(), tracePageNormalize(), tracePageSet()


method %OnAfterCreatePage() as %Status
Inherited description: Show/hide the toggle buttons
method %OnGetPageName() as %String
Inherited description: Get the (localized) name of the page. This should be implemented in a subclass.
method %OnGetTitle() as %String
Inherited description: Get the (localized) title string for the page. This should be implemented in a subclass.
classmethod GetLocator(pTitlePane As %CSP.Util.TitlePane, ByRef pAddress As %String, ByRef pBaseURL As %String = "") as %String
method OnDrawRibbon() as %Status
Add to the contents of the tool ribbon.
method OnGetRibbonInfo(Output pDisplay As %Boolean, Output pViewIcons As %List, Output pSortOptions As %List, Output pSearchBox As %Boolean, Output pRibbonTitle As %String, Output pCommands As %List) as %Status
Get information to display in the ribbon bar.
classmethod UpdateAutoRefreshRate(refreshrate As %Integer) [ ZenMethod ]
Save auto refresh rate (how many seconds user entered) to server.
clientmethod adjustTableHeight() [ Language = javascript ]
Adjust table height to account for status section
clientmethod changeRefresh() [ Language = javascript ]
User chose a new Auto-Refresh value for the table; set a new timeout value and start the timer
clientmethod changeURLNamespace(value) as %String [ Language = javascript ]
The input value is the name of the new namespace to switch to. This method will need to be overridden for classes such as EnsPortal.EDIDocumentView which cannot work without a URL parameter provided.
clientmethod displayRefreshTimestamp() [ Language = javascript ]
redisplay the last time that the entire cycle of system status matrices was updated.
clientmethod displayUpdateReasonLabel(updateReason) [ Language = javascript ]
display the update reason, if it is blank then set the content of the label to null, if it is present, then prepend label text to it TODO: i18n the label text
method doCustomCell(pTable As %ZEN.Component.tablePane, pName As %String, pSeed As %String) as %Status
User override of cell-display for a the main table- for the details table. this constructs the link for showing the details table, and it is *only* shown if there are details to show- which is determined by if there is an entry in the "details" column for the query, which should equal the name of the connection for which the details are getting fetched
clientmethod doRefresh() [ Language = javascript ]
Reload diagram with a fresh copy.
method drawBarGraph(pTable As %ZEN.Component.tablePane, pName As %String, pSeed As %String) as %Status
User override of cell-display for tablePane. pTable: handle to the tablePane component pName: name of the column for this class query pSeed: Seed value for this table Draw a split bar graph showing the proportion of states of hosts in the production
method drawNewClientButton(pTable As %ZEN.Component.tablePane, pName As %String, pSeed As %String) as %Status
Draw "+" button to add new enterprise connections
method drawQueueCount(pTable As %ZEN.Component.tablePane, pName As %String, pSeed As %String) as %Status
Draw count of queued messages, highlighting near- and over-threshold value with color
clientmethod getFramePosition(frame, positionArr) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod gotoEnterpriseMonitorRoles() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod gotoEnterpriseMsgViewer() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod gotoEnterpriseSystems() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod gotoEnterpriseSystemsNewConnection() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod gotoMsgBankEvtLog() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod gotoMsgBankViewer() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod hideDetailsTable() [ Language = javascript ]
hide the details table, and zero out the detail table name
method isEnterpriseProductionRunning(Output pProductionName As %String) as %Boolean
User override of cell-display for tablePane. pName: name of the column- corresponding to the class query adds a link to the instance name, to the server's management portal
clientmethod maybeDisplayUpdateReasonLabel() [ Language = javascript ]
this method checks if a details table is up- (is there a details table name?) and if so, then uses that name to get the update reason string, and then displays it. called by the refresh timer
clientmethod onToggleDetails() [ Language = javascript ]
If user hides details pane, unselect the current row
clientmethod onlayoutHandler(load) [ Language = javascript ]
This client event is fired when the page is resized.
clientmethod onloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
Fired when the page is loaded. refresh the timestamp, the only part of of a new page reload that isn't query based (so isn't automatic) no need to check the update reason, as no detail tables are shown on a fresh reload
clientmethod refreshData(timer) [ Language = javascript ]
called each time the timer goes off, ensures that the data in the tables is current because the queries are re-run and the page is not actually reloaded, the page does not flicker, and onloadHandler() is not run.
clientmethod selectItem(SystemName, updateReason) [ Language = javascript ]
show the details table (the submatrices) for the connection indicated by the SystemName, and the update reason (if there is one), displays on top of the details table. also, the connection name is stored in the session, for the update reason to be "dynamic"- for it to automatically appear and disappear (without the user having to click the "details" link) when the update reason is present and then not present anymore
method setColor(pTable As %ZEN.Component.tablePane, pName As %String, pSeed As %String) as %Status
User override of cell-display for tablePane. pName: name of the column- corresponding to the class query this method makes the cell have no content, as the color cell should be blank and just contain the background color that is assigned to it in a conditional statement, which is based upon which color (red, yellow, green, purple, orange) that is the original content of the color cell
clientmethod setIframeSize() [ Language = javascript ]

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